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Kiviwama is a community based organization of which Kilipaper is one branch.  Learn more about the Kiviwama organization below.

Njoro Juu Spring

Kiviwama works to conserve the Njoro Juu Spring, a protected site in Moshi where waters traveling underground from Mt. Kilimanjaro surface to provide a dozen local villages with water needed for drinking, farming and bathing.


Kiviwama serves as a nursery for indigenous trees used to re-forest parts of the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania.  It also grows the following species of trees to provide materials for various styles of handmade Kilipaper:

1.     Sand paper tree

2.    Fichus microcap (banyan tree)

3.     Croton microstacnyus (paper mulberry 1x020)

4.     Croton microstacnyus

5.     Fichus septia

6.     Rauvolfia caffra (quinine tree)

7.     Engelhardia Trichilia emetic

8.     Fichus formosana (African fig)

9.     Trema Orientalis

10.   Bauihinia blakeana

11.   Fichus irisana

12.   Morus Alba (white mulberry tree)

13.   Morus nigra (black mulberry tree)

14.   Fichus superb japonica (red fruit fig tree)

15.  Murray paniculata (jasmine orange shrub)

16.  Fichus Benjamin (white Benjamin tree) 

Kilipaper Market

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