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Join us below as we show you how we make our handmade paper:


1. Gather branches from any of the several indigenous trees grown in Tanzania that are perfect for making paper.

2. Boil the branches to soften the bark.

3. The boiled branches are ready to be peeled!

4. Peel the softened bark from the branch. The bark will become paper; the stripped branches will be used as frames for artwork.

5. Further boil the bark, along with limestone brought from Mt. Kilimanjaro

6. The bark is ready to cool and then be transformed into paper.

7. Beat the softened bark into pulp.

8. Pool the beaten bark in a tub with large amounts of water.

9. Sift the bark from the water with a wooden-framed mesh filter.

10. Drain all water from the filter.

11. Remove the top part of the frame to expose the pulp.

12. Press the exposed pulp onto a fabric sheet.

13. Use a sponge to press the pulp onto the fabric sheet. The sponge will soak up any excess water.

14. Hang the fabric sheets, with the pulp pressed upon them, on a line to dry.

15. Once the pulp has dried, it can be peeled from the fabric template.

16. Iron our the dried pulp, and you have . . . paper!