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When you purchase a natural product listed below, you are helping to fund conservation efforts at Kiviwama.  To make a purchase, or to acquire about custom-made or additional products, please contact Samweli Mochiwa at +255 754 34 3634 or


Hand-Made Lampshades

Assortment of Hand-Made Paintings

Tinga-Tinga Painting Incorporating Sustainable Paper

Handmade Notebook

Hand-Made Greeting Card in Tinga-Tinga Style

Picture Made from Hand Made Paper and Wood Shavings

Original Painting on Hand-Made Paper

Gallery of Paintings on Hand-Made Paper in Hand-Made Frames

Figures on Fig and White Mulberry Paper

Kilimanjaro and Trees on Black Mulbery and Trema Paper

Villagers on Black Mulberry and Trema

Dancing Figures on White Mulberry

Rural Village in Banana Fiber on Camel Foot and Fig

Villagers in Banana Fiber on White Mulberry and Black Mulberry

Bird Lampshade on Mulberry Plant (Showing Underlying Frame)

Fish Lampshade on Banyan

Workers in Banana Fiber on White Mulberry

Kilimanjaro Residents in Banana Fiber on Fig

Rustic Setting in Banana Fiber on Mulberry and Fig

Community on Banana Fiber on Quinine and Fig

Elephant and Wildebeests in Cotton on Quinine and Fig

Tanzania Collage in Banana Fiber on While Mulberry

Masai in Banana Fiber on Banyan and Mucronota

Hunters on Cotton on Banyan

Medium Envelope in Mulberry

Office File in Banana Fiber

Box in Benjamin Ficus

Photo Album in 12 Types of Paper

Hand-Made Boxes

Envelope in Mulberry and Fig